Day 99 : Comforts

Wowo. Where we send Judah often and Eden sometimes to get drinks (iced tea, waters, sports drinks) and chips and ice cream. The "Huanling Guanling" as we enter, the boiling tea eggs, tomato flavored chips, and cheap, cheap beers (Tsingtao is 3.5 kui - about $.50).

The stores surrounding have changed often, but not Wowo.


Around the corner, when Wowo is out of stock or when we want a small splurge or when we  don't feel like walking all the way to CarreFour, there is MoMo. Cereal, New Zealand milk, toilet paper, and sometimes bread but not often.  Sometimes, they sell Corona. 


The big splurge. Pop Tarts, Doritos, American-style brats, and bacon. They sell Blue Star A&W Root Beer, staple stocking-stuffers for the past five years.

Old Spice costs 55 kui - almost $10.00. I've only bought it once, when I could no longer use my wife's Dove deoderant. 


This was our favorite Chinese restaurant. They knew us, our kids, and our orders. And without warning, yesterday, they closed. 

I don't even remember the last meal we had here because there was gonna be a next time, because it was our go-to on a long day. When Luke Schuster returned for Christmas from Canada, we ate here. On Sundays, we'd order take-out with Jesse and Sarah Wells.

They knew us and we knew them. 

My favorite dish, rice noodles with vegetables, was 10 kui - about $1.75.

And then they were gone.