Day 65 : Many things

Went to the doctor today, but not to have a baby. Yesterday, Zion's cousin accidentally stabbed her in the eye with a pen. This morning, we took her to Global to get it checked out. She's fine, but she needed some meds to beat back infection. "It was actually kind of fun," she said.

She loved this hallway.

She loved this hallway.

Judah, still working on some trust issues, had a day of work, reading, memorizing, and staying close to Mom and Dad. Love this boy and his desire to "just want to be good."

Eden has officially taught herself to ride her bike!!!  So ridiculously proud of this girl.  Like Judah in front of his grandparent's house, forever Eden, and we, will remember this place, our complex, as where she finally got it down. 

Plenty of couch, but when Auntie Bekah's in house, she's a magnet.  

Many things, and many things to be thankful for.