Day 60 : Surprise!!!

This won't surprise many of you, I know, but instead of taking a video of Josey walking into the Sarah Wells Surprise, I took two pictures. Awesome. Sorry all. 

There are few things I can surprise my wife with and Jesse and I have been planning it for about a month. And it was perfect. Minus, you know.

Sarah (and Jesse) are pretty special. They're the kind of friends you call when life is down, when rocks scrape the knees. Because they're the ones who will cry with you, and sit with you, and say not a word.

But more than that, they're the kinds of friends who rejoice with you. They're not competitive, they don't choose their wants or desires or disappointments over someone else's joys. Because they're the type that set them aside, and cry with you, dance with you, and say not a word. They simply and sincerely rejoice with you.

There are others too, who live this out, and we've been fortunate enough to know them and share life with them, all over the world. These people have taught us what it means to love, and how to family.

Finally, someone new to play a game with!

Finally, someone new to play a game with!

During dinner, when I asked the kids what they're favorite part of the day was, Aunt Sarah's surprise visit was on the same playing field as baby Elias coming home, because for the Miller family, her presence is a big deal. 

Thank you all who helped bring Sarah here. We are truly blessed (again). 

Baby Elias and Aunt Sarah. A perfect day.


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