Day 95 : Brick by Brick

I took the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) home today, not the scooter, which meant walking this familiar road. I didn't know what I would write about today, because it was a typical day: early morning reading, taxi ride, work, workout, bell rings, everyone leaves.

Then I saw this pile.

Not only is this scene very "China" with the style of bricks, the broom propped up, and the fact that it's all in the middle of the sidewalk, but the bricks, at least to me, were very symbolic.

Because they build these.

Being a teacher is tough sometimes. After years of building and investing, often, I never get to see the finished product; I just lay brick after brick, day after day, in hopes that someday, my students will stand tall and strong.

Being a teacher at an international school is even worse. 

For five years, I've labored at CDIS. I've laid foundations, built pillars, filled in the cracks, and painted over rough surfaces. In a few short months, I'll leave it all behind.

And in a few short years, like the workers who've built these structures, my efforts will be unnoticed.

I think of Travis Miller who created an Athletics Department from nothing. Now, he is but a distant name in the school

I remember Kirsten Rodgers, a dynamic force like none I'd ever seen and probably never will. But few now know who she was. And in another year or so, she will be completely forgotten.

What of their works? What of their labor? 

Deep down, all teachers commit to the task of preparing and building and supporting the growth and development of students so that they will become mighty fortresses in their communities, families and world. But sometimes, it seems that after only a few short years, all will be forgotten and simply covered over. 

But I know that isn't true. It just feels like it sometimes. And with less than a hundred days to go, it really feels like it sometimes.

But today, I noticed a job opening in a Wyoming school and I applied. 

Because God gave me a pile of bricks, and whether I'm in China, America, or wherever, I am fortunate that He's entrusted me with 'em.