Day 89 : Full Hearts


Sadness, fear and anxiousness, excited and tired, Yet, wrapped in thankfulness.


Tonight, with Sarah Day and Jacie Yoder, we filled in the emotions of our hearts. Eden did this a few days ago at school, and she loved it. We thought it might be a good activity to do every couple weeks, to check and see how everyone's feeling about the coming weeks and months.

With Nat King Cole softly in the background, we sat for almost an hour, and it was precious.



Blue - Sad

Red - Nervous 

Yellow - Happy

Pink - Frustrated

Gray - I don't know how I feel



Many things, many colors. Sad, miss things, joyful, scared, frustrated, loved, glad, don't know, poopy, and excited. 



This is perfect. A ball of emotions, all equally felt, yet none of which she can fully explain. 



Blue - Hopeful

Green - Excited

Black - Restless/scared

Dark blue - Anxious

Red - Sad