Day 91 : All of China

Somewhat unexpectedly, I had to fly to Tianjin for a principal's conference. My flight was at 11:45 and I should be home Saturday evening. 

I have flown more in the last five years than I probably have the past 27 combined, and this will be my third, and last, trip to Tianjin.

So I tried to squeeze in what I could.

After checking in, I hopped in a taxi and took off for downtown. It was a beautiful day by the river.

I only spent about an hour and a half or so walking around before heading back, and right before I hailed another taxi, I got lucky with finding some of my favorite street food. I'm not sure what it's called. It has a deep fried tortilla wrap sort of thing, an egg, some various Chinese sauces, a strange looking meet, and a few herbs. And all I gotta say about that is, "yes please!"

It's weird being here. Every time I've thought of saying goodbye, I've thought of Chengdu, CDIS, our home, the people, and our surrounding streets. But it's so much more than that. Its' saying goodbye to an entire country and all the opportunities to explore or revisit favorite places and cities outside of Chengdu. It's saying goodbye to China. All of it. 

This is my last time, probably ever, in Tianjin. And although it isn't shocking or super disappointing, it's still weird. And a bit hard.