Day 29 : Eden's Goodbye

Eden has spent five of her seven years in China. More than America, it's her home. She loves tea eggs and jiaozi for breakfast, wants to carry an umbrella on sunny days, and loves traveling in cars and buses without a seatbelt. 

More than any of our kids, perhaps more than anyone in the family, she is struggling with the unknown of moving, the changing of faces and friends, and saying goodbye to her room, her school, and her home. 

Like she did with Judah, Josey sat with Eden to try and understand her thoughts and perspective of a life in China. 

You moved with your family across the world to live in China when you had just turned two years old. What is your very first memory of our life beginning here?

"Moving to a new apartment complex (the second one in China, after our first year) and helping Zion learn how to walk while you and daddy unpacked our bags and boxes."


You have lived in West China now for nearly five years, what are your favorite memories to look back on ? 

"Adventures with daddy like walking all the way to Tianfu Square with a picnic lunch. 

Learning how to swim, going on a train trip to the mountains with mamma, sleepovers with my cousins, all our camping trips, making cupcakes with Bekah, staying at the hospital with my baby brother, and getting my very first camera for my birthday."


You leave in a few weeks to go back to America, what are you really excited for? 

"Seeing all my family again, holding my new cousin Tessa, camping and swimming, Seeing Aunt Lou ann and Dave, the bright blue sky, cold cereal with milk, and seeing more horses."


What will you miss the most about living in China? 

"I will really miss my friends and jiaozi. Concrete park, my cousins, our rooftop, my school and my teachers, and Kangding. Oh and also Levi the turtle."


Do you think you'll ever come back here to visit or live someday? 

"No, I don't think so."


Will you be sad to leave? 

"Yes, but also happy too. I don't like when everyone stares and touches me, but I have no idea what they are saying. It feels embarrassing to be here."


Is there anything you wish you could have done before you get on the plane to go back? 

"Go to the place with the horses, camping by our favorite wall one more time, and saying goodbye to my CDES friends and going to the Global Center once more."

Last summer, Josey took Eden on an Adventure. Eden is growing up with an adventurous spirit, an artistic mind, and a sweet and gentle heart. 

She's growing up to be like her mom.

On the trip, Eden took a LOT of pictures. These are some of her favorites. 

This is my favorite because, well look it! Why wouldn't it be anyone's favorite? A horse, wild flowers, and a backdrop of pure wonder.

This is my favorite because, well look it! Why wouldn't it be anyone's favorite? A horse, wild flowers, and a backdrop of pure wonder.

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