Day 96 : finds a way

Went for a walk with Judah this morning, to try and capture some of the moments and personalities of our block.

At first, some of the ordinary stood out, like these city bikes.

Photo by Judah

Photo by Judah

But also the extraordinary. Judah saw the moss first and we ran our hands along, pulled some off the stone, and marveled at how thick it had grown, and how we'd never seen it before. The quote from Dr. Malcom in Jurassic Park came to mind, "I'm simply saying that life, uh... finds a way."

We talked a lot about memories of China and possibilities of America. Of some of the friends that used to live in our complex and how he might make new ones over the summer, before school starts.

We noticed these guys:

Then Judah asked if he could get his bike fixed, and if he could do it himself. I told him he could, under one condition. That he take a picture of the man who would fix his bike because, over the years, he's fixed our scooters many times, and I want to remember him.

He said, "Okay."

"Judah," I said, "I don't think you understand how cool this is what your about to do."


"You're about to go around the block,by yourself, in a city of 13 million, and get your bike fixed from a man who speaks a different language than you."

He didn't seem thrilled. "What if I don't understand him? Or if I forget what to say?

"You can point if you need to, but I think you'll be okay. You'll figure it out."

He returned about a half hour later with his kick-stand replaced, tire fixed, and this picture:

It cost 12 kui (two dollars). 

He found a way.