Day 4 : Senior's Lunch and some of my favorite groups

Today, for lunch, we took the seniors out and enjoyed a few hours of conversation and updates on colleges and movings. In a years time they will be spread all over the world: China, Japan, Scotland, and all throughout the US. This is a great group of kids with so much to offer, and I'm excited to see what they do in the future, and where and how they will impact this world.


And because I'm running out of days, I might as well post some of my other favorite groups here. 

My AP Literature students, and me, wearing what will soon be a world-wide phenomenon - a tarf (tie+scarf). Trust me, it will happen. 


My basketball boys. Love this group and had a great time this year.


There are a few other groups too, and I had meant to capture them, but, as it tends to happen with my limited memory, I forgot. 


This morning, I drove in under this sky, which isn't much in the mountains states and other places around the world, but for Chengdu, its pretty special. 


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