Day 22 : Getting Lost in Travel

My whole life, I've loved exploring and traveling. As a kid, I would take my bike and ride as far as possible, trying to get lost in the neighboring towns of Griffith or Munster, and then working my way back home.

When I finally earned a license, I'd drive to neighboring states. Eric Beard was often with me. To Philadelphia and New York, to Montana, Colorado, and many little weekend trips where we'd get lost in Wisconsin or fall asleep on the beach in Michigan. 

Luckily, while living in China, I have been fortunate to continue exploring. Below are just a few of those places.

KangDing, China:


Not Chengdu, China: 

I don't remember all of these places, I just know they're not in Chengdu and were probably taken while trying to get lost on some random streets. Which is the best.



Last summer I attended an AP Literature training and was blessed with a week in Hawaii and some good friends . . . and some beautiful blue skies and ocean.

On my last day, I went for a hike. I think the mountain was called, "Three Sisters" or something like that. Although not that high, it had three peeks and was pretty intense.

After the hike, I ran to the ocean, swam for a bit, then tried to get back to the family I was staying with, but I got lost on the public transportation and had to call for a ride. 

Surrounding the school where my classes were held was a community of homeless men and women. Over the course of the week, I became friends with a few of them and several others. You can read about them and their stories here.

When I'm lost, I'm found. 


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