Day 28 : Guys Night Out

Several are missing, but throughout my five years here, these guys have been my iron - refining me into a better teacher, husband, father, and man. 

Dan is from New Zealand, Wilson is Chinese-American, John from neither northerner nor southerner American, Cody is all Texan, Caleb is Chinese, Senny Korean-American, and Jeff is deep south. And we all sit around a table, drinking, eating, laughing, and sharing. 

Dan tells my favorite of his childhood memories - leaping for the ferry - and Senny steals everyone's coins so he can battle another round in the batting cages. 

I have truly enjoyed these men and the lives they have shared with me and my family. When I left Gillette, I said goodbye to Eric Trauger, Kasey Schirtz, and Matt Hard and great conversations.

In China, there has been a revolving door of people who sat with me and laughed and argued and wrestled with Life and books and teaching, and it has watered my soul.

Some of those not pictured here are worth noting: Josh Keegan, Travis Miller, Ed Blanchard, John-Ross Jones, Garon Dugas, Jesse Wells, Brendan May, and Dave Yost.

Thank you, my dudes. You will be missed.


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