Day 86 : New every morning

Bring your shield to work day

Bring your shield to work day

Yesterday was a rough day. And it bled into the morning when I tried to read, when I rode in on the scooter, and when I sat at my computer. I should have spent the morning getting work done or writing, but instead, I brewed. I hated it and hated that I couldn't get myself out of it.

Warren challenged me a few weeks back to find things I'm grateful for whenever I'm frustrated. So, this morning, after sulking in my frustrations for far too long, I tried. And the first thought that came to mind was being grateful for every morning.

Because I get to see my boy walking through the gates and I love that even though he's about to turn ten, he still give me a huge and that throughout the day, he stops in my office (even when he's not supposed to) to ask questions or get gum or tell me he's lost his lunch box . . . again. When I'm not there, he writes little notes that always end in "love you Dad." And I friggen love it.

Always second is Zion (she's actually in the picture above too): 

She either comes through the gates with a run and a smile, or sleep still in her eyes. She loves school. Perhaps a bit too much, and I love being able to watch her play from Bekah's office. I get to watch her through giant windows as she looks for books in the library, and I'm allowed to catch her in the hallways with more hugs and kisses. Because we live in a small community.

Always and forever last, sometimes by several minutes, is Eden:

She's been awake for all of but an hour and already her shoes are untied, hair crazy, and she's telling on herself, "I'm sorry Daddy but I accidentally played (I forget the girl's name) iPhone today on the bus." Good God I love this girl. An artist, snarky, and just now beginning to love running. She makes this world beautiful, and I get to hug her in the hallways and hold her hand on the way to piano lessons on Thursdays with Ms. Hoekman. 

Because we live in a small community, which sometimes feels like we're living in a crawl space. Other times, not at all.

Today, after loving my kids through the gate, I got to working on work, and was loved like family throughout the day.

Friends entered hard conversations, others wrestled honestly with problems, and some brought gifts: a freezer dinner of the best ready-to-deep-fry chicken on any continent and a handmade bunny for our soon-to-be addition - complete with a little "M"!

Michelle Leitner, thank you for the food and encouraging words. Truly. You inspired my heart and blessed my whole family.

Ricki Liang, thank you! This might be the cutest thing ever made. Would you mind terribly if I kept it and slept with it and made it my own? 


Today, I am grateful for new mornings, small communities, and days like this.