Day 78 : Passports and Todds

Found out yesterday Eden's passport expires in a week, so we rushed her over to the US Consulate for her last passport renewal in China. We got there a bit too early so we walked to Starbucks for a coffee and sucker. She asked me how and why we named all the kids. It was a sweet little time.

That night, for dinner, we ate with the Todd family (with Honor Hallaway making a guest appearance!).

I don't think this will be our last meal shared, but with just over two months to go, I can see how it could.

The Todds used to live below us, on the fifth floor, and I don't think we used that time wisely because they are too good a family not to at least spend one evening eating and laughing together.

Travis and Sonya have loved us and our family well, and in a variety of ways, and we will truly miss them.

And Judah will miss Sydney. They've been in class together for the past five years, have played outside and boardgames together, and on summer nights, they can stand outside well after dark together, "just talking." 

They are pretty sweet.

We will miss you Todd family.

War Eagle!!!