Day 2 : Please, someone, hit the breaks!

This picture symbolizes quite a bit for me:

The watching, as life and days and memories and places blur by.

The looking back and seeing where we've come, yet not sure where we're going.

The peace of a boy with an uncertain future, yet confident his father is before him, and that everything will be alright. 

These last days . . . how do I summarize these last days? They've been coming them for months, and I've been counting them down - with anticipation and trepidation - and now that they're here, I'm fully caught off guard. At work, at home, in life. At times, it feels like the picture above, only, I haven't told the driver where we're going, he's just driving - fast - and I have no control if he turns left or right. I just wish he'd slam on the breaks and let me catch my breath. Then, maybe, trade places?

Yet, Judah sits, looking out the window, his hair submitting to the wind, his mind on simple things.

And I envy him.