Day 41 and 40 : "It was okay," and I'm okay with that.

I was given the book Tribes: we need you to lead us, by Seth Godin, for my birthday. It's a simple read, one that, if I had a full day of reading, could finish it. Nothing groundbreaking, but full of little nuggets worth remembering. I've marked and circled most of them.

Except for the one that sticks out and perhaps encompasses the past two days. Somewhere in the past seventy pages or so, Godin mentions something along the lines of, "If someone asks you how your day was, or your vacation, or whatever, and the answer is, 'It was okay,' the fault lies with you - because you had the ability to make it a great day. And we should never waste a day.

Although I agree with most of this, I'm also in a place of life where, at times, it's best to just have an okay day. 

Sarah left early Sunday morning so we wanted to spend most of Saturday with her, doing very little, but soaking up our final moments. Sunday was a day of rest and preparing for the week. We did very little but sit, read, talk, and have dinner dessert with the Todds on Saturday and dinner with he Birdsongs on Sunday. 

It was okay.

But it was also so much more than okay. We didn't take pictures or spend time "making memories," we just sat and let life be calm for a minute. It was great, because it was refreshing.

We have a crazy five weeks left. If we keep the throttle open the whole time, we'll run out of gas or crash. 

So although it isn't sexy to post two Last Hundred Days together without pictures or memories that invoke tears and longing and a deep sense of, "one day we're gonna miss this," I'm okay with a little reminder to relax, to rest, and to enjoy a few quiet moments in a quiet home. 

Sometimes having an "okay day" is just right.