Day 38 : What circumcision looks like. And more cockroaches.

After a little over three weeks of life, Elias had to go back to Angel hospital to be circumcised. None of us enjoyed it, but I'm guessing he had to endure the worst.  

While waiting, I saw these pictures hanging on the wall and remembered that I had documented a few of them when we were here for his birth. To console all of our hearts and minds, I decided that these, in fact, were the images running through Elias' mind throughout his stay, and nothing else.

They're a bit creepy, but I'm sure they're an improvement.


But before any of this, when I came to work this morning, I was greeted with yet another surprise:

My coworkers have entirely too much time on their hands . . . but they also help create a great and fun place to work. And I will miss it.