Day 55 : Because of something.

It's hard not to feel . . . empty maybe? 

There was a moment today when Eden was struggling, when the simplest of correction would plunge her into tears and sadness and it was clear something deeper was churning. 

We sat on the porch and she told told me she wasn't feeling well.

"Where," I asked, "In your tummy, or your heart?"

Her heart. Because of something Zion had done hours earlier. When Zion asked her to play later, Eden was hesitant. 

That's how I somewhat feel today. The ending is coming, closer and closer each day, and it just feels empty. I knew leaving would bring range of tumultuous emotions, I just didn't expect one of them to be loneliness. 

And my heart aches. 

I just can't figure out if it's because of something I did. Am I Zion?

Cause right now, I feel like Eden.