Day 90 : See the World Change

Started the day off with a traditional hotel Chinese breakfast: rice porridge, bread sticks, tea eggs, noodles, and tolerable coffee. And like the street food, I LOVE it.

The rest of the day was spent discussing Ldi - past, present, and future with other principals and leaders of Ldi.

A quote from Martin Klopper stood out for both Warren and I:

“I want to see the world changed," he said. NOT, “I want to change the world.”

This distinction is significant, and I want to soak on it for a while. It softly rebukes my earlier struggles of Brick by Brick, and brings me back to the purpose of what I do, how I live, and why I live.

"I want to change the world change" seems much more selfish, arrogant even. It carries the weight of each brick.

"I want to see the world change" is much more humble. The world isn't perfect, and I have a part to play, but it isn't up to me. Because "the powerful play goes on" and I have been gifted the opportunity to contribute a verse. I have a responsibility, but I'm also fortunate to be on the stage, not entitled - I have the opportunity to join in the building; I get to carry the bricks!!!

I'm not in control. And that is an encouraging thought.

Leaving Tianjin, headed for home.

Leaving Tianjin, headed for home.