Day 46 : Early birthday dinner and questionable job requirements

I promise, I had a great time.

I promise, I had a great time.

Today (yesterday - posting this a day late) was my first full day back at work since Elias was born. It was busy - a typical day. 

For dinner, Josey organized a group of people for an "April Birthdays Dinner" at the Blue Frog, and it was great. Truly. It reminded me of almost seven years ago when we had dinner with a group of friends (Gangwires, Whipples, Carlsons, and Ashleys) for my birthday, right before moving from PA to WY. Then, like now, it was a good time, full of laughter and faces that will be missed in a few short weeks. 

But perhaps the most memorable portion of the day came at the hands of a job application. Since Christmas, I've been applying for jobs all across the mountain states with little, ahem, I mean no success. Recently I stumbled across an adjunct English position for a small college in Wyoming. When I scrolled down, trying to understand the expectations and minimal requirements for the job, I found this section:

My friend thinks an IT guy is testing if anyone actually reads through the posting. Maybe.  Maybe not. I really have no idea what they mean by any of it, but it doesn't matter because I submitted my application. A brother needs to work!



PLEASE (scroll to bottom) AND DO SO AGAIN!

There was an (ahem) operations error and it didn't go through (sorry about that).


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