Day 92 : This is China : This is Us . . . almost

From the 3rd floor of our school.

From the 3rd floor of our school.

Today was a polluted, gray day. My office was dark, my classroom was dark, and by the end of the day, my mood was dark.

I wish yesterday's unwashed dishes and intentional family time bled over into today, but it didn't. Today was a "China day." And I didn't have the patience for it.

From the rooftop of our home.

From the rooftop of our home.

Today's air pollution wasn't the worst it can be, but it was bad enough - 160 and "Unhealthy."

But we had bought a Wifi Extender, hoping it would improve the internet range in our apartment. Instead, we couldn't get it to work. In Chinese, it kept telling me the problem, but I couldn't read it. Luckily the picture made sense - no connection between the router and the computer.

Our internet bill was past due.

So Judah and I walked down the street to pay the bill.

I gave this lady 200 RMB, took my receipt, then walked home. Xiexie Ni!!!

But the internet was too slow to load our show "This is Us."


So we didn't watch anything. We just brewed for a bit. Because sometimes, there are just those days where nothing seems to work and instead of fighting it, it's just best to go to bed and hope that tomorrow will be better.

So we are.

Good night.