Day 98 : Morning Till Night

This is the view from my office window. There isn't often a sunrise, but when it happens, it's a pretty great way to start the day. 

And today was a long, busy, and good day.

Cody beat me, again, in Jody Ball (a mix between volleyball, walleyball, soccer, and a lot of other things) but I feel my time is coming. The beginning is close at hand.

Work was normal. The kids stayed after school while we waited for The Wizard of Oz at the school and the Birdsongs watched my kids and I took pictures of the play.

Afterwards, the kids and I headed to Honey and Malt and met John, Cody, and Warren for a few beers - me, not the kids.

When we arrived home, it was after 10 pm.

That's a sixteen hour day. And I loved it.

View of the apartments across from us.

View of the apartments across from us.