Day 8 : Cramming it all in

No pictures today. At least, not yet, because they are on Josey's camera, and she didn't have time to get them off. 

Josey kept all the kids home today so they could do several, "last time we will . . ." together. Then, she tried to pack and get ready for the morning. 

But friends stopped in. Tears flowed. More goodbyes were said. 

The sun fell, and still, there was much to do.

The night before, I couldn't sleep because my brain just would not shut off, and although I was going to take Josey and the girls to the airport the next morning, I was still planning on heading in to work. So I could't pull the all-nighter Josey was. When I went to bed around 11:30, she was far from finished.

At 4:10, the alarm went off and I stumbled to the coffee maker. Josey was already in the shower. All the bags were packed and the house was cleaned and organized (as much as it could be before a move). Elias was asleep on the floor.