The Giving Tree, Read by Shel Silverstein

I’ve always enjoyed this story, especially in the classroom because although students tend to pick up pretty quickly the sweet relationship between the tree and the boy, they also feel the pang of selfishness that the boy exudes. “This story is kinda sad,” they say. Or, “He only thinks of himself.” And they’re right. Which leads into the essential question, “What is life all about?”

The discussions that ensue are brilliant.

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One Breath Around the World

Guillaume suggests that you turn off the lights and plug in a pair of decent headphones because if you can get past the strange black bathing suit - and that is a big if - this film is perfectly unsettling.

I can’t decide if a few scenes are a bit doctored up a bit, or if they’re just that spectacular that my mind can’t grasp them. I sent Guillaume a message, asking. If he responds, I’ll let you know.

You can see more of Guillaume Néry’s work on his Youtube channel, but so far, this one is the best.

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The Eggshibit


My wife showed me this guy today. As advertised, it was a “life changing eggsperience!”


This one is my favorite.


You can follow @the_eggshibit for more, and watch his Youtube video to see how it all started. Enjoy!

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How creativity comes from the unexpected

Love this video.  

Its easy to get lost in the art and lose his words, but listen carefully. His process of creating is inspiring, and encouraging.  

“I had no idea what this animation would be when I started, and that’s really my big tip. If you’re ever feeling stuck or blank creatively, take a step into the unknown and start doing something . . . until it starts your interest or sparks an idea, and then build on that.”

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The Impact of a Book : by Jorge Méndez Blake


In his work, literature becomes a tool that articulates situations, places and objects where each piece is full of theoretical meanings related to one another.

“Jorge Méndez Blake is a Mexican born artist that draws connections between literature and the visual arts through assemblage, drawing, and environmental interventions” (via).

He is also a man who would rather quote another than create something new, which I find truly intriguing.


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Understanding Art

Here are three videos by The Nerdwriter, “a weekly video essay series that puts ideas to work.”

I’ve always enjoyed art and wish I could participate, but I’ve also always felt bit distant. Even though I look and stare and draw conclusions, it often seems the art “Won’t give an inch.”

“Boredom is exactly when we feel time and being most acutely. It can inspire a profound mood.”

Also check out Movies inspired by Art, see how The Village stole from The Princess Bride, or more ideas from Nerdwriter1.

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