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The Creative Mind
"successful" life - a life marked by creativity, progress, and earnest living - is fully On Creativity : Creativity   BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN AND SUBSCRIBE - THANKS FOR READING! Creativity
Open Thoughts : This is where I am
On Creativity creativity. Specifically, I've been wrestling with two larger thoughts - one on family and the other on guns Thoughts : On Creativity BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN AND SUBSCRIBE - THANKS FOR READING! Creativity
"My PVC Instrument"
A 10-Minute Silent Song Is Climbing iTunes Charts
available to the greatest songs of all, Life. For more on . . . -N- Stuff : Music : Creativity BE creativity
Ira Glass on Storytelling
Ken Robinson : Do Schools Kill Creativity?
. Creativity, he says, "is having original ideas that have value." Sir Ken has also published, "The Element Ken Robinson : Do Schools Kill Creativity? Great watch, whether you're an educator or not, because his thoughts on creativity and intelligence creativity
Standardized Tests : More questions than answers
. This, according to Sir Ken Robinson, is what's killing creativity and, possibly, the future. Our ? How do we quantify creativity, ingenuity, and relationships? How do we measure humanity?   For more on time measuring abstract characteristics or skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and . . . -N- Stuff : On Creativity : Don't do homework, publish! : Smartest Kids in the World creativity
Game Night : A New Tradition, Much Like the Old
Philosophy of Teaching
people out of their creativity through the unintentional, and perhaps sometimes intentional, philosophy In his TED talk, “Do Schools kill Creativity?” Sir Ken Robins argues that schools are educating to grow and adapt and create, and they have done so through the fostering of curiosity, creativity understanding build the foundation for curiosity and creativity, but without evaluation, synthesis reminded us of the desperate need for curiosity and creativity, that no two children learn and express in
Prince EA's, "I just sued the school system!!!"
we do.   For more on . . . -N- Stuff : On Creativity : Don't do homework, publish! : Smartest
Movies Inspired by Art
different movie from all around the world.   For more on . . . -N- Stuff : Creativity
Freedom with Constraints
. I recently listened to one of my favorite podcasts, R.E.M. and the Creativity of Constraints by one episode they discussed the role of constraints on artists and how it could inspire creativity, not freedom to "wait for inspiration" is also removed.) Yet, innovation, creativity, and imagination , feared even, and avoided at all cost. They are the enemy of freedom and of creativity; they're but that" and the confinements to creativity seem endless. (By the way, lives depend on this so the
89-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Discovers Photography, Can’t Stop Taking Hilarious Self-Portraits Now
that is both inspiring and encouraging. For more on . . . -N- Stuff : Creativity : Inspiring Art
The sound of history, from trees.
more of Bartholomäus Traubeck works can be found here.   For more on . . . -N- Stuff : Creativity
Where Ideas Come From
.   For more on . . . -N- Stuff : Humanity : On Creativity BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN AND SUBSCRIBE - THANKS FOR READING!
Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, by Adam Grant
contributed to the directors’ creativity. An American gained little from working in Canada, compared to the science of recognizing original ideas "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing uniformity – the death of creativity and originality. “Argue like you’re right, listen like you’re
Wall Drawing 797: An "intricate visual butterfly effect"
and see what happens. Maybe an Art Starts?   For more on . . . -N- Stuff : Art : On Creativity
37 Nonfiction Books Every Artist Should Read
Creativity Art & Fear: Observations On the Perils and Rewards of Artmaking, David Bayles and Ted
An Open Letter To Trump. Signed by 65 Writers and Artists.
cognitive friction that enhanced deliberation" (emphasis mine). "Creativity is an antidote to freely. Arts and culture have the power to enable people to see beyond their differences. Creativity
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