Two great clips that celebrate May 4th

Music can make a movie. Sometimes great soundtracks can live on without the script or the people, but the people can never live on without the music. When it's taken away, when the power and fullness of the music is absent, the movie becomes ridiculously awkward, and boring. The ambiance lost. Like this:

Chewbacca's screams are hilarious though, and I love the coughing in the background. I wonder if the filming was similar to this. If so, respect!


The script is important though. If the dialogue is weak, or the monologues empty and fake, the movie will fall, and fall hard.

Except if it is so terrible, it becomes pure genius. 

Star Wars, translated into Chinese, then poorly translated back into English is toes the line. "Most likely, the broken English is the result of being machine translated from the Chinese script. Curiously, the subtitles were translated from a Chinese translation when the original English script could have been used" (via). Not quite genius, but still, fully entertaining (CAUTION: F-word is used).

"Send these troopseses only." Brilliant.

"Put the Gold of the D of two together very dangerous." Shakespearian. 

You can see more Backstroke of the West Highlights here.


Happy Star Wars day!!! May the wish power are together with you!


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