Ramin Djawadi

Game of Thrones Orchestra

Although similar, they are extremely intentional and I LOVED hearing this explanation from the writer of music, Ramin Djawadi

“The beauty about music in film is that without any dialogue on the screen you are able to guide the audience . . . By moods or even playing a certain theme, you are able to tell a story.”

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The Story of Soundtracks

Film without soundtracks are boring, and the art of creating a story in sound, a story that not only enhances the movie but takes over the mind of a listener, is an art that stands alone.

Ramin Djawadi, a talented musician most known for composing the music for Game of Thronesparticularly the iconic theme, shared his thoughts around how he scores a soundtrack for such a varied series. Djawadi, who started playing music at a very young age, explained how he was attune to the need for musical themes, but wanted to introduce them in such a way as to not overwhelm the audience (via).

The biggest challenge was just finding the right tone for the show, that when you hear the score, that you know this is Game of Thrones. From the beginning, we knew we wanted themes, but we also knew that we couldn’t have too many themes right away, because there’s obviously a lot of characters. There’s a lot of different houses, there’s a lot of plots. And if you convolute it too soon, I think it actually would have been confusing for the audience.

One of the greatest, Hans Zimmer, 

Some of my favorite soundtracks include, but are not limited to:

The Dark Knight, Rudy, Transformers, Rush, About Time, The King's Speech, Band of Brothers, How to Train Your Dragon (Forbidden Friendship might be one of the best songs, ever), Legends of the Fall, Dances with Wolves, Memoirs of a Geisha, Saving Privet Ryan, Last of the Mohicans, and Finding Neverland - just to name a few.

There is also some great soundtrack stations on youtube that are inspiring, calming, epic, and simply beautiful

If you have some favorites, list them below!  I'd love to add them to the collection.


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