A 10-Minute Silent Song Is Climbing iTunes Charts



"Samir Mezrahi’s nine-minute-and-58-second-long track consisting of pure silence is quickly climbing up iTunes’ charts.

Inspired by the frustration felt by anyone who has plugged their phone into a car radio only to hear the first alphabetically listed song in their music library blare over the speakers, “A a a a a Very Good Song” is designed to jump to the top of the list." (via).

And by doing so, Mezrahi is allowing ten minutes of silence to invade our otherwise loud and busy day, which, according to various studies, is exactly what we need.

 "In a loud and distracting world," the Huffington Post reports, "finding pockets of stillness can benefit your brain and body" (via).  

Here are four science-backed reasons why:

  1. Silence relieves stress and tension. 
  2. Silence replenishes our mental resources.
  3. In silence, we can tap into the brain’s default mode network (daydreaming, meditating, fantasying, etc.)
  4. Getting quiet can regenerate brain cells.

Being silent means more than just holding one's tongue. It means listening for the soft and subtle sounds of wind sweeping through the tall grass, of birds singing in the near distance, or the pure giggle of a child deep in play.

Silence also allows us a chance to hear our thoughts, and to chase them, over winding streams and wild lands; it allows our imaginations to run free rather than be caged by entertainment. 

In silence, we are available to the greatest songs of all, Life.


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