Who's your doormat?

We are at the deepest risk of losing, forever, our connection with each other - family, friends, collogues, students, spouses, kids, whatever, and it isn't technology's fault, religion's fault, education, drugs, or any other THING'S fault. It's ours. 

When we look around, when we take time to be aware of life and things and people around us, when updates on friends and family are deeper than Facebook walls or Instagram posts, when we no longer measure success with numbers, test scores, and resume accomplishments, we might actually hear the groans and moans of the dead and decaying humanity that we so mindlessly abuse and use and trample. Every. Single. Day.

But who has time for that when a promotion is right around the corner, blog posts need to be posted, or when longly held accomplishments are just out of reach and I just need to stand on you for a little bit so I can reach the next rung and, maybe I'll see you later? 

This ending completely caught me off guard. And ever since, I can't stop thinking about it - for myself for sure, but  for our world and smaller societies that we live in. We're all proud enough to not straighten our tie and simply lie down and let someone walk and trample stand all over us, but do we support those that try and stand up? That no longer want to hold our coats or open doors for us? 

Do we notice that they're trying?

Do we notice them at all?


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