The Other Half : February

Ideas, articles, videos, and others things I've found interesting but never posted. 



You Are My Friend - a film based on the life of Jim Neighbors (Mr. Roger's Neighborhood) is currently in the works with Tom Hanks taking the lead roll.  Production will begin this fall. And I'm more giddy about it.

Edith and Eddie Nominated for an Academy Award®, Edith+Eddie is a devastating film about the country’s oldest interracial newlyweds. Edith and Eddie are deeply in love, but that’s not where the story ends.

Field of Vision: Concussion protocol - a extremely well crafted, short visual documentary on the viciousness of the NFL, and the dangers that hide behind every highlight hit. "It’s not a headache. It’s not 'getting your bell rung.' You don’t have a bell. It’s a traumatic brain injury. Every single concussion is a new traumatic brain injury. In addition to the torn ACLs and MCLs, in addition to all of the horrible broken bones, the NFL diagnosed at least 281 traumatic brain injuries this season" (via).


-N- Stuff:

Enjoyed listening to this conversation with Jay-Z about race, music, the benefit of Trump as president, and the power of conversation. He isn't perfect - by any stretch of the imagination - but I appreciated the conversation, and the conversations it should inspire.

The 2018 Underwater Photos of the Year are out! Which is a little strange, because it's mid February, but I digress. "The standard of this year's entry was even better than last year... and that should in no way belittle last year's because they blew us away then!" Peter Rowlands, Chair of the jury 2018.


Outdoor LIving:

Dabney and Alan decided they wanted to live in a Fire lookout so they built one in the mountains of Oregon. And it's pretty friggen amazing. 


On Pancakes:

These are not the images of the moon you're looking for. Because they're pancakes.