The clouds are singing, and we need to chase them.

"Mark, a 60 year old fledgling storm chaser recently diagnosed with lung cancer, sets out across the Midwest with his friend's nephew in search of a tornado before the two month season comes to an end.

The film was in competition at Tribeca Film Festival 2018" (via). 

My demons are smoking, depression, alcohol, cancer. There's a few. That's the way it is. Sometimes you get away in life and you don't have anything. Some people have a lot. That's just the way it is. 

There's something deeply intriguing about this video, about the parallel of a man dying, a man who loves and chases the destructive beauty of storms, tornados, and life. And then, when he catches it, he hugs a friend and smokes a victory cigar.

At times, our fear and pain may seem unbearable. Our instinct may be to run, to retreat to avoid the fear and the pain. We need a vision, that begins within us. A vision feeds the soul.

That's the way I like to live.

Me too. 


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