Podcast Favorites : 1-5

Photo by @_whydad_

Photo by @_whydad_

A friend recently said, "I find that most of my conversations or sentences start with, 'I was listening to a podcast the other day . . .'" and we all laughed with familiarity. Because it's just so true, not only for her, but for most of us, and for sure for me.

So I thought, "Why not compile my favorites and send them off for others to enjoy!" So I will. And so I am.

  1. Why We Choke Under Pressure (and How Not To), by Freakonomics Radio
    "We know that people sometimes don't perform up to their potential, precisely when they want to the most," but why? And how do we stop it? Whether in business, sports, school, and everyday conversations, how do we not fall when the stakes are at their greatest? Freakonomics dives in and tries to provide an answer.
    (While listening, I couldn't stop thinking about How To Fly a Horse : THE SECRET HISTORY OF CREATION, INVENTION, AND DISCOVERY - "Failure is not final. It carries no judgement and yields no conclusions. The word comes from the Latin fallere, to deceive. Failure is deceit." So if you have time, along with the podcast, check out this book also.)
  2. Analysis, Parapraxis, Elvis, by Revisionist History
    Perhaps my favorite episode of the season, which is saying a lot because I really really liked episodes 3 and 4 which talk about memory and truth and how we should interpret both. But then, the final episode, the one where I (literally) lol'd, cried ever so slightly, and thought about my entire life and uncertain future, because it's just that good. 
  3. What Wisdom Can We Gain From Nature? by TED Radio Hour - (9:49 minutes long)
    For a species that is supposed to be the top of the food chain, the most evolved or uniquely designed (however you choose to view us), we are fairly dumb, extremely violent, and truly destructive. We're even bad at designing things, which is why we model so much after nature and animals. So why not learn from them?  " . . . in the cathedral of the wild, we get to see the most beautiful parts of ourselves reflected back at us. And it is not only through other people that we get to experience our humanity but through all the creatures that live on this planet."
  4. Superheroes hold umbrellas and cut hair, by the Moth
    This one is a twofer. Two powerful stories of kindness and love, of the kind that boost our spirits and remind us of the beauty of humanity - even in the midst of darkness
    1. In Tim Manley's roughly eight minute story, A Super Hero Gets Sick, he tells of when, as a boy, he become deeply sick. He was terrified of needles and didn't quiet understand all that was happening, as most young kids don't. But what he does know keeps him calm: his mother is at his side because she is his faithful sidekick - as any good superhero must have. 
    2. The second story is from Melanie KostrzewaTold from a parents perspective, Melanie shares of the time her young daughter must undergo a craniotomy, the frustration of not being able to do anything, and the unexpected kindness of a doctor who did more than just save her daughter's life, he saved her hair.
  5. The Process of Procrastination, a TED talk with Tim Urban
    It's funny, enlightening, and worth every one of the 14 minutes. I even wrote about it on my 35 birthday.
    But you could probably just watch it later. 

At the very least, I hope you find these entertaining. At best, inspiring. I know I have been.  

Thanks for reading!