Part of the story: A father's heartbreaking video about his dying son


"Filmmaker Christian Schultz tells the story of Finn Muedder, a 3-year-old boy who suffers from from Hunter’s Syndrome, a rare disease affects about 500 boys in the U.S., an estimated 2,000 worldwide. Researchers believe they are close to a cure, but not without expensive new research -- money Jon doesn't have -- he used what he knew to get the world out" (via).

It's not just about our family, it's about all these other families, and doing everything we can so that Finn and these other boys have a better chance at life.


He may be the first generation of boys who really has a cure.

Or, he may be part of the story, of boys, who brings the cure after him.


Finn and his family have established a GoFundMe page where people can contribute to curing Hunter’s Syndrome once and for all.

They need to make hit their $2.5 million target by November. Otherwise, important experiments won’t happen. 

Currently, they $640,000.