(Non)Traditional Christmas Post 1/6

(Enjoy this while you read): 


I love Christmas music, voting (on things that matter), and crowning ultimate champions (especially on things that don't really matter).

Especially over Christmas!!! I've mentioned before that I've been listening to the podcast, Creative Confidant, and on it, one of the hosts, Jason Joel Lautenschleger is running a Best Christmas Song Merry Madness Tournament. Yeah, it's pretty cool . . . and time consuming.  

If you want to see the list of the top 64 Christmas songs ever, click here.

To skip slightly ahead and see the Four Regions of the Merry Madness Tournament, click here.

You can also skip to the first round of each region and click on The West and/or The East.

Or, if you are not like me and on break for the next two weeks and have TONS of time on your hands, you can "mosey on over to the Southwest bracket," to the halfway point of the first round of eliminations, by clicking here.

If nothing else, I hope this gives you some new Christmas material . . . much like a Damn Fine Music playlist! 

Here's one you won't find on Jason's Merry Madness Tournament, The Light Came Down by Josh Garrels.  It's fantastic.  You can take a short listen here:


Merry Christmas!