"My PVC Instrument"

I can't stop watching this.

Fun facts about Snubby J!

1.) I just graduated from LMU with a Theatre Arts degree (WOOHOO!)

2.) I built my own PVC Pipe Instrument (called the "RimbaTubes") on which I play original music and medleys of recognizable songs.

3.) My goal in life is to spread joy and inspire others to be creative. I love to make entertaining music videos and want to share my work with the whole world.


The construction of his PVC instrument is fairly simple and involves hardly any materials.

Shown in photo:
-2" ABS/PVC Piping
-2" ABS/PVC Elbows
-2" ABS/PVC Couplings
-Measuring Tape
-Pipe cutter (a hacksaw will work too, but it makes the edges rough)
Not Shown in Photo:
-2x4 and 2x10's
-2 1/2" Bore
-ABS/PVC Cement
-Power tools and screws
-Castor Wheels (Optional


Pretty awesome.


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