Mr. Rogers wore a lot of sweaters. He did some other stuff too.

Using data from The Neighborhood Archive, Owen Phillips charted the color of every sweater Mister Rogers wore on his PBS television program from 1979 to 2001 (via).

Some sweaters were worn once and then never again, like the neon blue cardigan Rogers wore in episode 1497. Others, like his harvest gold sweaters, were part of Rogers’ regular rotation and then disappeared. And then there were the unusual batch of black and olive green sweaters Rogers wore exclusively while filming the “Dress-Up” episodes in 1991.

His mother knit the sweaters . . . I'm gonna let that sink in for a bit. His mother. knit. ALL of his sweaters! Because that's how she loved people, by making them sweaters. “I guess that’s the best thing about things. They remind you of people.” Good GOD he's good.

To enjoy more of Mr. Rogers' brilliance, you can watch them on Amazon Prime.

I recommend closing your eyes for the ten seconds when Fred Rogers says, "I'll watch the time."

I did: Eric Beard, Eric Trauger, Mr. and Mrs. Hampstra, Paul and Dorothy Keisling, Mr. Paladino, Diane Larson, Grandpa and Grandma Miller, and in younger years, my parents. 

And of course, Mr. Rogers.  


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