Ira Glass on Storytelling

A good reminder.

Because most days, I don't believe it to be true. But if I don't put in the time and work, I know for sure it won't be.

I'm just tired of being a beginner. 

A good reminder.

"Fight your way through that."

I wrote the above for this blog, and then I wrote an email to my wife because she was the one who sent it to me.  And something dawned on me because what I wrote her was:

This is really good. Really good. Yet somehow, I am always discouraged by these as well, believing I truly am the odd one out – like maybe from the beginning, I really DON’T have good taste. Or maybe I don’t have a taste that others jive with.  Which is fine, I think, because truly it should be for me, right, as a way to express? 
It just stinks when you realize, or believe, that what you think and what you want to do to help and inspire and encourage isn’t what others want to hear. Because I might have poor taste.
Does that make sense?  
Anyway, thank you for thinking of me and for the video. . . deep down, it is encouraging and inspiring and pushed me towards writing this morning. Which, ultimately, is the only thing that will ever help me find good taste or refine my work, like Ira says.
Love you.


The tone is different, and the openness, the vulnerability is different. Why is that?

Because I wrote honestly to my wife. 

And that's the kind of writer, creator, artist I want to be. One who is honest and open, not guarded or shackled by wanting to create what I think will sell or get likes and shares. 

The world doesn't need more of those types. And maybe the world doesn't need my type either, but really, I don't know of any other way. 

So I'll keep at it.


Thank you Ira, and thank you my beautiful wife, for the reminder.