Invisibilia : Season 4


It's here!

As the sun broke through the mountain-peak clouds and then crawled over the trees and building tops, I made my way to work this morning, on foot, listening to episode one of Invisibilia's newest season. About five  minutes into the episode, the anticipated, "welcome to the fourth season of Invisibilia. I’m Hanna Rosin and I'm Alix Spiegel" washed through my earbuds, and a quick chill shivered down my spine (no joke).

Because I love this podcast and I've been so excited for it to start. And episode one, “I, I, I. Him” did disappoint. 

I've written before on some of my favorite episodes: I Think That's Love and Advice from Lord Birthday, but really, any show of any season is worth listening. The topics they choose, the stories they tell, and the way they flow seamlessly through it all creates about the best 45-ish minutes of any podcast out there. Including This American Life and Revisionist History, which are two of my other top favorites.

They're just so good.


Here's the trailer for season 4:


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