GOT : Season 8 Preview

Yeah. I’m pretty stoked. But also radically worried.

Since moving beyond the books in season 6, there has been a subtle yet decisive change in the story. Namely, we finally get what we want.

Lord Boltin, the son, gets an all-so-deserving death, Lord Snow gets the girl, and somehow in the midst of being overrun by thousands of The Dead, none of our favorite characters are killed. The bad guys seem a bit more reachable, the good guys a bit more invincible. Just like the movies we’re used to, which is both satisfying and frustrating.

One of GOT strengths is its unpredictability. Good guys don’t always win. Bad guys don’t always loose. But without the mind of George RR Martin to screw with us, the storyline is becoming a bit more predictable and possibly very, very cheesy.

Two Dragons will be ridden by two Targaryens (Snow and Khaleesi) for one is pretty cheesy, but so too is Greyworm’s goodbye kiss to Missandei from the island of Naath. Jami will “fight for the living”, meaning the North, and will probably be confronted with his sister near the end of the season with possibly the weight of the entire world resting on his shoulders while Jon Snow faces off against the Night King (aka, his brother, Bran). All of which is great fun, but also a bit disappointing. Because it is far from the days of Lord Eddard Stark being beheaded at the whim of a mad king.

But I could be wrong. Either way . . . to the king of the North! . . . and the queen of the South, I suppose. She’s pretty badass.