Day 6 : From morning till night


Our marriage is finally a teenager! On our thirteen year anniversary, Josey and I (with Elias) watched the sun come up over the misty Brown County forest. The significance, of the day and the place, was almost unbearable. Several of my most treasured childhood moments came from this place, and sharing it with my bride and youngest son seemed only too fitting. 


Then, we left, crossing over and through the bridge that always welcomed us to the park, so many years ago, and headed for Ohio, a land I’ve never considered anything but terrible. Until today.


Earlier in the day my wife said something about how parent’s dreams become watching their kids live their dreams, and I just loved that. I also think the same can be said for joy. And this moment, and the few hours they had together, was my joy complete. Judah misses his buddy, and although it wasn’t nearly long enough, our hearts are full.  

I wish I wouldn't have cut it off so soon . . . :(

A few hours later, after inching through the infamous midwestern thunder storms (which I also miss terribly) we arrived in another forgettable and otherwise monotonous town, but for the smile of Ms. Lemberg, Zion’s favorite teacher from China.  

At this point though, to be honest, nothing really registered because I was suddenly overcome with exhaustion that I passed out on one of the cabin beds, only to wake myself about an hour later to my own snoring. When I woke, Elias was ready for bed and the day was slowly coming to its end.  

“What was your favorite part of the day,” I asked the kids before handing out their journals, “Gungsen and Lymberg!” And I couldn’t argue. 

But then the sun began to set. And for a brief moment Josey and I stood a few feet off from everyone else and watched the sky burn itself out. “From sunrise to sunset” my wife whispered. Then we headed back to the cabin and tucked in our kids. 

Thirteen years old today. And tomorrow, it starts again.