Day 15 : Dreams


 “When you’re dreams become watching them live out theirs.” Josey said this early on, and I just love it because i think it can also easily apply to joy or fun or happiness- we have/ experiences joy when we watch our kids living in joy. 

Today was that day for me.  

Zion is an animal on the tube,  flying feet off the waves and never losing her smile, Eden is growing in bravery and becoming stronger each day, while Judah’s heart to protect is maturing more and more each day. When Jacob fell off the tube, Judah jumped off and swam to him, do he wouldn’t be alone, which made a father’s heart swell. 

Their joy and laughter became mine, as I did nothing but sit and drive and smile from ear to ear.

when Judah caught fish, I didn’t need to. Because his joy was mine.  And it was wonderful.