Day 13 : Before the Sun Goes Down


 “Any last questions or thoughts?” I had just given the kids an outline of the next hour, cleaning and reading, when, in the front, little Jacob raised his hand. “Yes Jacob,” I said. His hand lowered and he spoke with perfect calmness, “No touching anyone’s privates.”

”Well,” I said, “that’s probably just a good rule for all of life.”  

Then, they cleaned, played, ate dinner, swam, and lived a simple day of life at the cabin. Because a routine is setting in, and comfort, and with it comes a familiarity that kids seem to thrive under. 

Yet, at times, parents can struggle.

Reuniting with my sister means talking about family, and talking about family meanings drudging up old heart-aches and pains. They're helpful, I think, but they're also hard. And the pain and frustration tends to bleed over into other relations, like my wife. So we battled, again, over stupid shit (mainly caused by me) in and out throughout the day. 

But then, the sun set (pictured above) and we sat on a dock and worked it out, as we often do. Because she is patient and forgiving and understands that my family is complicated and my mind and heart battered. Which is why she's perfect. Because she doesn't make it about her. She simply listens, loves, and pursues, time and time again. 

And so the sunset was beautiful. Just like my wife