The Art of Learning : Josh Waitzkin


"Times at sea are periods of renewal, coming together with family, being with nature, putting things back in perspective" (pg 18). 

"So a kid aces a math test, comes home, and hears, "Wow that's my boy! As smart as they come!" Then, next week Johnny fails an English test and hears, "Your Mommy never liked reading either - obviously, it's not your thing." The boy suddenly links success and failure to ingrained ability" (pg 32). 

"So you guide the horse toward doing what you want to do because he wants to do it. You synchronize desires, speak the same language. You don't break the horse's spirit" (pg 87). 

"Investment in loss is giving yourself to the learning process" (pg 107).

"{they} were unable to improve because of a fear of releasing old habits. When Chen made suggestions, they would explain their thinking in an attempt to justify themselves. They were locked up by the need to be correct" (pg 108).

"Intuition is our most valuable compass in the world" (pg 137). 

"In life's mundane moments, even the most cunning chess psychologists can reveal certain essential nuances of character. If, over dinner, a Grandmaster tastes something bitter and faintly wrinkles his nose, there might be an inkling of a tell lurking. Impatience while standing in line at the buffet might betray a problem sitting with tension. It's amazing how much you can learn about someone when they get caught in the rain! Some will run with their hands over their heads, others will smile and take a deep breath while enjoying the wind. What does this say about one's relationship to discomfort?" (pg 153) - Conflict reveals Truth of Character.