Director Steven Soderbergh is constantly looking for new ways to give his audience information about the story and the characters. It’s what makes his work seem fresher than that of some other directors, but sometimes the risk doesn’t pay off.

FWIW, I love the Julia Roberts playing Julia Roberts bit in Ocean’s 12. It’s a lookie loo with a bundle of joy, what more do you need?! (via film school rejects)


This, to me, is an interesting discussion because it affirms that in order to get your story across, in order for it to be understood and enjoyed, it still has to follow the traditional format of every single story.  Deviate a little, and your a genius, deviate too much, and you've lost the audience and are flushed.  

So then the question must once again be asked, what is the purpose of the story? If it is to be heard, to express an answer to "What is it all about?" but no one can stand to sit and watch (or read) until the end, what good is the story?  Is it worth it?