The purpose of this site is:
To figure out who I am and what I think.
To challenge what I know.
To stay curious.


My thoughts are often scattered and misplaced.  I used to write in journals (and sometimes still do), but after leaving them in taxis, on planes, and scattered coffee shops across the world, I thought it best to write them where moth and dust cannot destroy.

Plus, I hate having conversations where I say, "I can't remember where I read/watched/heard such and such, but . . ." So I log them here. And so far, no taxi has found them.


A Playground, of Sorts:

Perhaps the greatest reason this site exists is because I believe that artists and creativity should be collaborative and free to ask a shit-load of questions - especially the hard ones. My hope is that this site will be a sort of playground for thinkers, writers, photographers, educators, parents, travelers, dancers, and anyone else who wrestles with, yet loves, being human.


The Pillars:

 : Humanity :

I believe that mankind, although fallible and fully incomplete, is also deeply beautiful and capable of so much more than is believed possible or achieved. We are both our greatest hero and our darkest villain. To speak only of the beautiful is to deny or cover up the ugly truths that life is hard and ugly and full of disappointments. But then, forgiveness, restoration, and reconciliation. But then, community, authenticity, and acceptance. And I wouldn't exchange them for the world.



Because they wrote it so well, I'm just going to paraphrase The Liturgists: {I} agree with the sentiment that good {living} is helping widows and orphans in need. Our {lives} need to be mindful of those in society and worldwide who are on the underside of power. For that reason {this website} will always strive to both remember the poor and weak in {its} work and to seek specific ways of giving time and resources directly to those who need it most.


: Curiosity :

To quote Chimamanda Adichie, "The problem with stereotypes is not that they are wrong, but they they are incomplete." So be curious.


:  Vulnerability :

More than once I've been challenged and encouraged to hold back, to not print so much about my life and struggles because who knows who might be reading, and what arrows they're gathering. To that, all I can say is this: if people want to fling their arrows, let them fly. I've seen to many people and relationships shattered because of they worked and worried so damn much about being perfect. I've also seen lives changed and saved through authentic vulnerability - such as my own. 

It's in the muck and the mire that the deepest of humanity lies. So that's where I'll be. If you want to join me, please do. Just leave your arrows behind. 


Where to Start:

: Education :

On Discipline : Why, instead of breaking legs, we should go fishing. 


: People :

Like Little Leo : Meg Loeks describes the days and moments her first-born son battled leukemia.

Regular People, Like Us : While taking a class in Hawaii, I had some free time to wonder the streets. And whenever somebody struck me as intimidating or strange, I talked with them. 

Price of an Ugly Plate : Soon after moving back to the US, we went to a few garage sales. My sister in-law tagged along and I paid way too much for a plate of hate and ignorance.


: Travel :

Before bears hibernate and the kids move out : This is why we bought a van. This is why we travel.

The Great Wall: More than a History Lesson : When I took my son on an overnight trip to the Great Wall of China and learned how to battle fear.

The Mountains Never Lie : Why we shouldn't force an incomplete narrative, when camping trips and mountain lakes don't turn out right.


Please Write:

Thank you for visiting and for reading!  Please contact me with any questions, comments, corrections, ideas, or stories.  I deeply believe in the power of collaboration and would love to hear your thoughts.

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