Because I don't know what else to do.  My thoughts are scattered and easily misplaced.  I used to write in journals (and sometimes still do), but after leaving them in taxis, on planes, and scattered coffee shops, I thought it best to write here. 

Plus, I hate having conversations where I say, "I can't remember where I read/watched/heard such and such, but . . ." So I log them here. And so far, no taxi has found them.


A Playground, of Sorts:

Perhaps the greatest reason this site exists is because I believe that artists and creativity should be inspiring, collaborative, and free to ask a shit-load of questions - especially the hard ones. My hope is that this site will be a sort of playground for thinkers, writers, photographers, educators, parents, travelers, dancers, and anyone else who wrestles with yet loves being human.

So, like kids released from the watchful eyes of parents, feel free to explore. I won't tell.


The Pillars:

 : Humanity :

I believe that mankind, although fallible and fully incomplete, is also deeply beautiful and capable of some much more than often achieved or believed possible. We are both our greatest hero, and our darkest villain. To speak only of the beautiful is to deny or cover up the ugly truth of Life, and when we do that, we not only send to the fringe those who are lost in the dark, but we also miss out on some of the greatest moments and experiences life has to offer. Like forgiveness, restoration, and reconciliation.



Because they wrote it so well, I'm just going to steal this straight from The Liturgists: {I} agree with the sentiment that good religion is helping widows and orphans in need. Our work needs to be mindful of those in society and worldwide who are on the underside of power. For that reason {this website} will always strive to both remember the poor and weak in {its} work and to seek specific ways of giving time and resources directly to those who need it most.


: Curiosity :

To quote Chimamanda Adichie, "The problem with stereotypes is not that they are wrong, but they they are incomplete." So be curious.


: CHRISTIAN Ideology :

More than any other, this pillar is under drastic reconstruction. However, the core remains steady: I believe in a heavenly God and Jesus, who died on the cross to pay for the sins of all humanity. After that, the purpose of life is to remember the poor, defend the weak, and protect the widow and orphan - to live in humility. After that, everything is up for speculation. 


Please Write:

Thank you for visiting and reading!  Please contact me with any questions, comments, corrections, ideas, or stories.  I deeply believe in the power of collaboration and would love to hear your thoughts.


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