Human, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
, but in man himself." Yann Arthus-Bertrand was born in 1946, and has always nurtured a passion for Yann Arthus-Bertrand Below is a short excerpt from a film entitled, "Human" by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. "I am one man among Human, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
The Electric State: A Narrative Artbook of extraordinary imagination
piece could be a story in and of itself.   For more on . . . -N- Stuff : Art : Role of Art   BE State. With your support, these amazing images will turn into a top-quality narrative artbook the world. Now, Stålenhag turns his unique vision to America in a new narrative artbook: The Electric Narrative Artbook the universe of The Electric State. His artwork truly is fascinating and his imagination crisp. Each acclaimed author, concept designer and artist behind Tales from the Loop and Things from the Flood. His The Electric State: A Narrative Artbook of extraordinary imagination
Wall Drawing 797: An "intricate visual butterfly effect"
by the artist…”. As the draftsman repeatedly copies the line, it becomes drastically altered from Visual Arts and see what happens. Maybe an Art Starts?   For more on . . . -N- Stuff : Art : On Creativity wall drawings explore this intricate visual butterfly effect in the collaborative art entitled Wall visual art
Watch Them Whip: A decade of fun, confidence, and refuge.
insanity. I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm trying to integrate the arts as much as possible Visual Arts performing arts moment feet first. For more on . . . -N- Stuff : Art : Art in the classroom   BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN AND SUBSCRIBE - THANKS FOR READING!  
Fall in love in 36 questions, and two music videos
Arthur Aron by psychologist Arthur Aron and others, under the title The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal favorites. Until I stumbled across these guys, Seafret. To articulate their brilliance, currently, the only
The Creative Mind
Gorillaz : Damn fine artists
Art artist Jamie Hewlett. The band consists of four animated members: 2-D (lead vocals, keyboards), Murdoc Gorillaz : Damn fine artists community of artists they've been. The collaboration is instructive and inspiring of what Art should be
Stealing from The Princess Bride
to the creation of new art. The idea itself is probably much older. Shakespeare routinely stole artist who stole it. The scene reads: She was outside his hovel before dawn. Inside, she could hear passages in T. S. Eliot’s critical works which discuss how artistic theft of others’ work contributes Artists Steal " version: "Good artists borrow, great artists steal," and perhaps the greatest artists of them all steal art "Pablo Picasso is widely quoted as having said that “good artists borrow, great artists steal
Art Starts
Art Starts
37 Nonfiction Books Every Artist Should Read
Orland Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert Steal Like An Artist, Austin Kleon What It Is, Lynda Barry In the 37 Nonfiction Books Every Artist Should Read Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs, Grace Art Comics and Sequential Art, Will Eisner Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative, Will Eisner Drawing Creativity Art & Fear: Observations On the Perils and Rewards of Artmaking, David Bayles and Ted
Chalk-Drawn Adventures By David Zinn
Art Chalk Art
Syrian Artist Creates Sculptures From Remnants of War
spite of pain, like a clawing and kicking against the dark, art and beauty and the human spirit Syrian Artist Creates Sculptures From Remnants of War art
Hamlet : Giving back to society, from prison
performing arts
Japanese Fish : Incredible Ocean Art
Japanese Fish : Incredible Ocean Art Ocean art
An Open Letter To Trump. Signed by 65 Writers and Artists.
“freedom of movement and the global exchange of arts and ideas.” “Vibrant, open intercultural Mr. President: As writers and artists, we join PEN America in calling on you to rescind your another article by the NY Times entitled, "Diversity Makes us Brighter." In it SHEEN S. LEVINE and DAVID Art — Sixty-five writers and artists have joined with the advocacy organization PEN America to send an open .” “Preventing international artists from contributing to American cultural life will not make America safer An Open Letter To Trump. Signed by 65 Writers and Artists.
Canvas of My Life: Jason Momoa
Found Sounds: Making Instruments From Trash
, something "unworthy" and making it beautiful once more. Such is art. Such is life.   IF YOU'VE Ken Butler is a Brooklyn-based artist and musician who has built over 400 musical instruments from art
Drummers who steal the show
Most bands and musical artists are known for their singing or guitar playing, not their drumming art
The Art of Communication, with Louis CK
ruthlessness of the economy we live . . . I think I'm obsessed with articulation. With the magic of putting The Art of Communication, with Louis CK
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