(Non)Traditional Christmas Post 3/6 : Movie Night

Movies and Christmas go hand in hand because at times, they get it just right.  Like this scene from A Christmas Story:

I can't help but see my dad in this clip.  It's the perfect scene of a father who is fully and completely flawed but also hard working, loyal, and full of love.  After a year of struggling to survive the harshness of midwestern life, he receives a bowling ball to the lap. Merry Christmas Dad!

But for the dad, all is okay, because Ralphie get's his Red Rider BB Gun - and the dad can barely contain his joy.  Because he's a great dad.

Just like mine. 

Forbes rated the top ten of all time, Rottentomatoes and Esquire the top 25 (I think Esquire got it right), and Nerve.com (never heard of it before) the top 100. 

But for us, we only need five:

  1. It's a Wonderful Life
  2. Elf
  3. Polar Express
  4. A Christmas Story
  5. Home Alone

This year however, we've added a new one - a nontraditional yet VERY Christmasy sort of story that is full of redemption, humility, mercy, and forgiveness - all the key ingredients to any good Christmas movie: Les Miserable - the 1998 version (we tried the newer musical and couldn't get past the first five minutes . . . it just didn't fit the mood).

But in the '98 version, with Bille August directing, you get these first five minutes . . .

And then another 130 minutes to follow.


So too is the soundtrack you can listen to it here.

This Christmas, add Les Miserable to your Christmas movie repertoire.  You won't be disappointed.

Merry Christmas!!!

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