Three movies worth watching

I posted a bit ago about a few movies I was looking forward to watching and perhaps brewing coffee for. One of them was The Big Sick, and tonight, Josey and I finally got a chance to sit and watch it. We loved it.

Over the past few years, the role of conflict within literature has been a major focal point in my teaching. More recently, however, it's truths and lessons have jumped from the pages and fled from the classroom, attaching itself to my everyday life and opening my eyes to its simple truth: the purpose of conflict is to reveal truth. For the individual, and for the community.

The best of stories us conflict to reveal something about ourselves. 

"Love isn't easy. That's why they call it love"

This movie is brilliant. 


I'm terrified to see this movie. The book was so crazy good that, one of the best I've ever read, because the conflict of good and right and innocence and "best for he child" is just so poetic and raw that I found my stomach literally in knots. I think I even threw the book a couple times, I was so angry and sad and frustrated and unable to hold such beautiful and difficult pages. If this movie botches it even slightly, it will ruin the everything. Especially my breakfast.


In a world of "Tiny Homes" and #vanlife, a movie that takes downsizing to the greatest extreme seems brilliant - especially since it will probably (and hopefully) deal with much more than the idea of simply living smaller, because, "sometimes you think you're living in the real world, and then something happens, and you realize, you're not."


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